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Villas in Maskiyyot for Couples

Restaurants and attractions in Maskiyyot area

Click to visit Hagosherim kayaking & rafting in israel

Hagosherim Kayaking &Rafting in Israel: Come and experience a wet experience at the Hagosherim Kayaks. Kayaks and rafting boats on the Hasbani River. You will float down the river passing the natural greenery, birds and wild animals in this beautiful refreshing river in the north of Israel.
Click to visit Raiser rzr trips in the valley

Trips in RZR vehicles in the Jezreel Valley and Gilboa, special routes with breathtaking views. A variety of routes of one, two and three hours. Sunset routes every day from 17:00 to 19:00. Self-driving vehicles. (driver`s license required). Up to 4 passengers in a car.
Click to visit Hot air balloon over israel - with touch the sky

Have you ever wanted to touch the sky? Have you ever wanted to feel like a bird gently gliding through the skies? Well it`s time for your Hot Air Balloon Adventure over Israel with Touch the SkyCompany... This is a great and affordable way to get in the air above the Israeli desert at the South or the amazing Gilboa Mountainarea at the North. We do our best to create a fun and a safety exciting environment for all. Beginning at dawn (5:00am summer 6:00 winter) the hot air balloon ride over Israel lasts up to 50-80 minutes (depending on the conditions). The balloon accommodates 4 to 10 participants. It is possible to do 2 rounds of around 50-60 minutes each in case of a bigger group than 10 people. We follow this flight with a champagne toast and a gourmet traditional breakfast. Expect the balloon ride and post-flight breakfast to last three to four hours. Price: 900-1000 NIS per person. Restrictions: No children under age 6. No pregnant women
Click to visit As-is dairy farm

We invite you to enjoy a rustic experience of taste, including workshops, tours, meals and more. The tour includes a tasting of farm-fresh cheese and yogurt, a trip with ``green vehicles`` along the Jordan River and more ...
Click to visit Rize up hot air balloons
Jezreel valley

Rize Up Hot Air Balloons
Click to visit Hot air baloon - sky trek

A hot air balloon flight in the valleys. Come take off with your loved ones and watch the sunrise from a height of a kilometer in a hot air balloon, hover in complete silence over the fields of the valley, and see how things you see from there are not seen from here... At the end of the flight, we will drink a bottle of luxury champagne and invite you to a rustic breakfast in the field.
Click to visit Barvazim ba’kfar – duck village

Duck Village Visitor Center A fascinating encounter in the world of ducks The Visitor Center is closed on the Sabbath and on Jewish Holidays At the Duck Village visitor center there are professional guided tours suitable for all ages where you will learn about the preservation of nature in the area, you will see the sea birds, learn about the reproduction of the ducks, learn about the chicks before and after they hatch out of their eggs and the whole process of their growth and habitat.
Click to visit Paratrike kinneret

All my flights take place above the shores of the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River and are weather dependent. Each flight takes about 15-20 minutes.
Click to visit The naharayim experience

The Naharayim Experience in ``Gesher`` - Tourist Site of Kibbutz Gesher The variety of activities offered at the site, makes the Naharayim Experience at Gesher one of the most enjoyable places for both young and old alike.
Click to visit Bike friendly israel

Zimmer Bed and Breafast Bike Friendly Israel. BF.
Click to visit Ofer and jeep travel attractions

Ofer and Jeep tours is a private company that specializes in organizing guided Jeep trips and self driving Jeep Tour with a team leader, generating days of fun formulating a range of territory - companies, organizations, groups and Committese of work and nature lovers and challenges
Click to visit Tractor tours in the galilee – halom olami

Halom Olami offer dream tours along the Sea of Galilee with tractors, rangers, jeeps, horses, water sports and meals out in the field. The Halom Olami farm is located on the Arbel Cliff right beside the town of Migdal, which overlooks the breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee. On the farm you will find tractors and rangers, brand new air conditioned jeeps and many horses. We have a wide selection of routes for you to choose from and we will be happy to provide any route you require however “crazy” it sounds.
Click to visit Tulip winery

Come and enjoy an exciting, emotional and flavourful visit at the winery. We will give you the experience your looking fora guided tour and a tasting of 5 wines accompanied by Italian breadsticks.
Click to visit Nishnush restaurant
04- 6598933

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit Pundak hajahnun restaurant

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit Birdwatching center at kfar ruppin

International Birdwatching Center of the Jordan Vally, Israel, Kibbutz Kfar Rupin - The best place of birding in Northern Israel.
Click to visit Bio-tour sde eliyahu​

The Bio-Tour visitor center was established to show visitors the special way of life we have chosen to live on Sde Eliyahu, as well as the importance of preserving nature and the environment.
Click to visit Kfar kedem

a gouded tour in the place
Click to visit Jordan carriages – horse carriage tours along the
כנרת (קבוצה)

Horse driven carriages in the southern Jordan area will be accompanied by songs of famous poets Rachel and Naomi Shemer with stories about Uri Ha’agalon.
Click to visit Gan hashlosha national park (sahne)

Gan Hashlosha National Park is a well-known water park to the west of the Valley of the Springs (Bet She’an Valley)
Click to visit Lala restaurant


Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit Sadot winery


Sadot Winery was established in 2009. The winery gained the respected title of “Estate Winery” as the grapes used being only those from the vineyards. The production capacity is presently 8,000 bottles per year and includes red, white and Rosѐ wines. The winery is fully Kosher.
Click to visit Israel national trail

Israel National Trail - The I.N.T is a hiking trail that combines previously marked trails and is marked along its entire length - some 1,000 km., from Beit Usishkin near Kibbutz Dan, in the north, descending to Taba border crossing at the red sea shore near Eilat in the south.
Click to visit The great courtyard in merchavia

The story of the cooperation in Merchavia, which took place in the “Great Courtyard”
Click to visit Sirin restaurant

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit Museum of regional and mediterranean archaeology

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit “she’an nights” – a magical evening experience

Come and experience with all your senses how history comes alive at Bet She’an National Park.
Click to visit Havayat-harochvim

Please contact the owners for full details

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