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Villas in Qetura Chalet

More villas arround Qetura

hazeva, B&B
A wood cabin
Couples & Families

Bike friendly
550 NIS 
midweek price from

600 NIS 
weekend price from

hazeva, B&B
Double jacuzzi
Couples & Families

Bike friendly
500 NIS 
midweek price from

650 NIS 
weekend price from

Restaurants and attractions in Qetura area

Click to visit Timna n.p

The park is located approximately 25 kilometers north of Eilat, in the middle of the Red Sea Desert. The horseshoe-shaped park, created by tectonic plate movement tens of millions of years ago, spreads out over an area of 60 square kilometers and is part of the Syrian-African rift.
Click to visit Tsoof winery

A guided visit to the Tsoof winery in Arad, which includes explanations of the fruit and production, unlimited wine tastings accompanied by cheese meals nearby. The winery specializes in the production of organic fruit wine and natural methods. Open all week by appointment and pre-registration. The price is 120 NIS per person.
Click to visit Yotvata inn

Yotvata Inn - Israeli style cuizine - catering services for travelers, groups and events. A very varied menu of full meals and light meals with a rich salad bar, a dairy cafeteria - a light breakfast, 100 flavors of Italian ice cream and of course a Yotava Morgana drink with layers of Yotava chocolate ice cream, toffee cream, Yotava mocha ice cream, cookie crumbs and Yotava whipped cream.
Click to visit Tour guide

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit Bike friendly israel

Zimmer Bed and Breafast Bike Friendly Israel. BF.
Click to visit The antelope ranch

The Antelope Ranch - Experience an African-style safari in the Negev. Guidance and explanations about the ranch animals and our partner projects*. An outdoor safari where you will encounter antelopes, deer, ibexes, exotic sheep, rare African wild donkey and zebra.
Click to visit Shkedi’s camplodge

The Shkedi’s Camplodge offers various lodging options, suited for a couple o or a few families traveling together.
Click to visit The arad glass museum

The museum was established in order to fulfill one man`s dream. Gideon Friedman wanted to build an Israeli home and the right stage for glass art in Israel. Each visitor to the museum is invited into the artist`s inner world. Every person exhibiting in the museum takes a part in Gideon`s vision, adds his own vision and world view and together they pave the way toward the same dream.
Click to visit Moa winery

Moa Winery is located in Moshav Tzofar in the Arava. The wines are produced in the winery by family hand, while maintaining the quality of the agricultural crop. The winery has an accessible and pleasant visitor center that is suitable for groups of up to about 60 people, and provides the best conditions for a set of events. In addition to the experience of the winery and the visitor center, we invite you to be exposed to the wonder of the desert flowering that includes agricultural tours as well as the store that offers our best wines and local produce.
Click to visit Weinstein winery

Weinstein Winery in Moshav Ein Yahav in the Arava. Guests of the winery are invited to an hour and a half of a guided agricultural tour of the greenhouses and wine tasting at the winery. The tour is suitable for families and groups and of course you can buy wine on site. Open all week. Visit by prior arrangement. The cost of the tour and tasting is 30 NIS per person. Minimum 7 in the group.
Click to visit Masada national park


Masada National Park - On an isolated clifftop in the heart of the desert, a lofty plateau overlooking the Dead Sea and the untamed landscape of the Judean Desert, there once stood a magnificent palace.

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