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Bed and Breakfast in Mikhmoret

More zimmers arround Mikhmoret

sitriyya, B&B
Spa center

Outdoor Jacuzzi spa

1000 NIS 
weekend price from

kefar tappuah, B&B
Indoor jacuzzi SPA

Fits religious
Couples & Families
650 NIS 
midweek price from

750 NIS 
weekend price from

ramat gan, B&B
Outdoor Jacuzzi spa

550 NIS 
midweek price from

650 NIS 
weekend price from

tel aviv, B&B
Double jacuzzi

Couples only

Please contact us for more details

Restaurants and attractions in Mikhmoret area

Click to visit Eco drive quest - ganey yehoshua park

The next generation of escape rooms awaits you… outdoors! Come join Israel’s first-ever eco-drive-quest. Navigate around the magical Ganey Yehoshua park using electric vehicles. Visit hidden corners, decipher tricky riddles, and dismantle the bomb set up by crazy Professor Chaos – before it destroys the city’s ecological equilibrium forever!
Click to visit Horseback riding  ''hava be-ahava''

Horseback Riding ``Hava be-Ahava`` (Ranch with Love) Moshav Ofer. Unique experience over a unique land at Hof Carmel area.
Click to visit Hadarim spa – spa treatments and service

All the spa treatments are held in the large and spacious Zimmer. Here you will not be moved from room to room and we assure you absolute privacy. There are no communal saunas or toilets. Here we offer privacy at all levels with your own private Jacuzzi, sauna and treatment beds all at the highest standard. Our professional team has years of experience accumulated over the years in Israel and Europe. We can guarantee you an experience filled with the best massages that will bring you back to us in the future and we promise that if you aren’t satisfied we will compensate you with another treatment within 2 weeks of your stay.
Click to visit High hajeep

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit The cactus ranch

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit “kedem” olive oil

Kedem” olive oil is manufactured here at the Meshek 81 farm on moshav Amikam which comes straight from the olive groves in the Mount Horshan nature reserve. The groves are organically kept and the olive oil produced is of the highest quality.
Click to visit Village antiques & batia's studio

Village Antiques is an extraordinary shop in the antiques scene in Israel. Country furniture and accessories (1850-1950) mostly French Canadian, American Colonial, New Zealand and Europe.
Click to visit Nanaim olive oil

We manufacture olive oil of 3 varieties – Leccino and Frantoio (Italian varieities) and Barnea (Israeli variety). The oil has been tested for FFA and peroxides and is stored in stainless steel containers in a cool room. We sell our oil
Click to visit The ralli museums

The Ralli Museums in Caesarea are part of five Ralli Museums in the world, an institution founded by Harry Recanati. The main aim of the museums is to disseminate contemporary Latin American art. When appreciating Latin American surrealism, the folkloric motifs and the figurative emphasis, one can grasp the importance of these great works of contemporary art. The museums were dedicated to the memory of the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition and of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki, which was almost completely exterminated in the Holocaust.
Click to visit Paragliding tandem flights

Paragliding tandem flights don`t require previous flight experience and can be enjoyed by just about anyone from the age of 6 onward! Tandem paragliding is easy.
Click to visit Carmel heritage center

The Carmel Heritage Center derives from the vision of Rajaa Keis Mansur, a Druze woman who seeks to present the magnificent Druze culture to the Israeli public and locals with the story of the Isfiya village as it was before the state of Israel was established, the Jewish and Druze connection in the Carmel at that time and their connection today, personal stories of the pioneers of the village and the development of the Druze women at Isfiya and in general.
Click to visit Agmon hefer

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit Extrem neve ilan atv

tracks in the Jerusalem hills, and Neve Ilan forest, a view overlooking Tel Aviv, Samaria and the coastal plain
Click to visit Beit- miriam museum


Beit- Miriam Museum is an Archaeological Museum located in Kibbutz Palmachim, on the Mediterranean coast between Tel Aviv and Ashdod, in Israel. The Museum, which was granted formal national recognition in 1995, is named after the late Mrs. Miriam Lifschitz, a member of the kibbutz and one of the Museum’s founders.
Click to visit Sdot yam beach

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit Meymadion – water park

The Meymadion – the biggest water park in Israel, is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, inside the Ganei Yehoshua site.
Click to visit Superland

Superland - the most advanced and exciting parks in the world.
Click to visit Mei kedem (ancient water)

Mei Kedem (Ancient Water) is a unique archaelogical site situated in The Alona Park, a protcted nature area of Mediterranean forest.
Click to visit Tura winery

Tura Winery in the Rachelim settlement is a family-owned winery whose vineyards have been planted, since 1997, in the settlement of Bracha, located on a mountain at an altitude of 850 meters. To this day, the wines of Tura Winery have won prestigious awards in wine competitions in Israel and around the world. Come for a tour and tasting at our state-of-the-art visitor center that can accommodate up to 50 people. Tura Winery wines are kosher.
Click to visit Gringos grill bar - latin restaurant

Gringos Grill Bar - Latin Restaurant
Click to visit Eretz carmel


Eretz Carmel believes in the ability and willingness of communities to participate in bringing about positive change. They believe in leadership through example, and the power of role model communities to inspire others to follow, while encouraging local entrepreneurs to initiate projects for the preservation of the environment now and for future generations.
Click to visit Netanya - cliff promenade

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit Eretz haayallim ranch


Challenging sports: . The farm has special challenging sports devices and the most special attraction is the largest zip line in Israel. . There are also group sports.
Click to visit Outback pub

Outback pub - driks - food - good vibes
Click to visit Beit yanai beach

Beit-yanai beach
Click to visit National museum of science

Established in 1984, Madatech- the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space is housed in two historic landmark buildings in mid-town Haifa. Designed, at the turn of the century, by renowned German Jewish architect, Alexander Baerwald, these were home to the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel’s first institution of higher education.
Click to visit Somek winery

Somek Winery - A family winery located in Zichron Yaakov that has produced wine only from the family vineyard since 1882.The winery has a visitor center that includes a professional and comprehensive tour as well as wine workshops (by prior arrangement and for ages 18 and over). On Fridays - Saturdays you can sit in the courtyard of the winery and enjoy a bottle of fine wine and cheeses. (no need to make an appointment in advance).
Click to visit Dor & nachsholim beaches

Please contact the owners for full details
Click to visit Caesarea maritima museum
Sedot yam

Caesarea Maritima Museum houses the largest collection of archeological artifacts related to Herod`s city, ancient Caesarea. Some were uncovered accidently while tilling the fields while many others were discovered in archeological excavations.
Click to visit Aladin olive farm

Aladin Olive Farm is a family experimental place of agriculture tourism in Modiin Area - Kfar Rut, in Israel. If you are a family living in Israel and you have young children , there is nothing more attractive than spending your weekend time or a holiday with us in the farm. We will take you on a tour and it will be so much fun.

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